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  • Hotel Credit Policies

    Hotels need to have a healthy cash flow in order to survive and succeed and they try to achieve this by exercising control over the credit given to guests. To […]

  • Check-Out Process

    Front office personnel collect and post guest late charges in an appropriate and timely manner, then the guest checkout can proceed without bottlenecks. However, when the cashier or front desk […]

  • Guest Account & Non guest Account

    An Account is a form on which financial data are accumulated, summarized and brought to its ending balance. Moreover, all accounts shall have two entries referred to as Debit (dr) […]

  • Departure Procedure

    Departure of the guest is the last point of guest contact with the Hotel. It is at this stage that the bill is presented o he guest and the guest […]

  • Changing Rooms

    A room change request can occur on different reasons, Front office team should change the room as quickly as possible when a guest is dissatisfied with accommodations or finds defects […]

  • Group and Crew Arrivals

    Group In the hotel industry if 10 or more than people travel together it is considered as group. People travel in groups for several reasons which includes tourist, conference, sports, […]

  • VIP Procedures

    Preparation for a VIP arrival starts right from the reservation stage, All department must coordinate effectively and carefully controlled to have a effective VIP procedure. A VIP status is often […]

  • Registration Methods and Procedure

    Registration Methods Three methods are used for registration by hotels: 1. Bound Book- It is a big bound book. Guest on arrival fills his details in a line and signs […]

  • Concept of Registration

    Guest registration is one of the first and most lasting impressions on a hotel customer. Guest registration sets the tenor for the stay and is, therefore a critical contact point. […]

  • Receiving and Welcoming and assigning rooms

    Receive the guest The following is the procedure for receiving the guest in a hotel: • The doorman should open the door and welcome the guest (The doorman buzzes the […]