Organisation, Staffing and Functions of Lobby

Hotel lobby represents the atmosphere, decors, staff and image of the hotel when a guest visits. Lobby should be spacious but not wasteful. The natural flow of the guest should be towards reception, cashier, and information counters, during guest arrival and departures. Sufficient space required to place the guest luggage Lobby is the waiting area of the hotel… Lobby area includes bell desk, travel counter, cashier, elevators etc. Well furnished seating arrangements. Lobby should be facing the clear view of guest entering. Front office staff takes care of lobby area in terms hygiene standards. Lobby manager and guest relation executive will be available 24 hrs in large hotels.

Functions of Lobby

Information Desk: The information desk provides information to the guest. It is manned by an information assistant. In small hotel, the same function may be performed by the receptionist. The need of a separate information desk is felt in large hotels where the traffic if guest is higher. The information desk may be located next to the reception.

Function of Information Desk

• Maintaining resident guest rack.
• Handling guest room keys.
• Coordinate guest mails, telegrams, faxes, couriers, parcels, etc.
• Providing information to guest regarding hotel facilities and services, city information, etc.
• Handling guest messages.
• Paging guests.

Cash & Bills: The cash and bills section record all the monetary transaction of guest.It maintains guest folio and prepares the guest bills to be selected by the guest at the time of departures. The section is headed by a cashier.
Function of Cash and Bills Section:

• Opening and maintaining of guest folio.
• Posting room charge in guest folio.
• Recording all credit charges in guest folio.
• Maintaining a record of the cash received from guest.
• Preparing bills at the time of checkout.
• Receiving cash/traveller cheques/ credit cards for account settlement.
• Organizing foreign currency exchange for the settlement of a guest account.

Travel Desk: The travel desk takes care of travel arrangements of guest, like air-ticketing, railway reservation, sightseeing tours, airport or railway station pick up or drop etc. The hotel may operate the travel desk or it may be outsourced to an external travel agency.

Function of Travel Desk:
• Arranging pick-up and drop services for guest at the time of their arrival and departure.
• Providing vehicles on request to guest to guest at pre-determined rates.
• Making travel arrangements like railway reservation/ cancellation/ amendments, or purchasing air-tickets for guest.
• Organising half-day or full day sightseeing tours in and around the city.
• Arranging for guides who can communicate in the guest’s language.

Communication Section: The communication section maintains the communication network of the hotel, which is generally quite complex. The hotel may have its own private branch exchange, along with post and telegraph lines. Earlier all outgoing calls were routed through telephone operator. This was done to ensure proper accounting of outgoing calls. Switchboard operators were required to place wake-up calls, monitor automated systems, and coordinates emergency communication. Recent technological advancement in telecommunication has revolutionized the way hotels operation is run. Now guest are able to make outgoing calls without routing them through the operator. There is a computerise call accounting system that charges the outgoing calls to the guest’s account. Wake up calls may also be registered on the system, which dials the guest’s extension at the pre-registered time and plays a pre-recorded message when answered. So hotels can now manage with lesser number telephone operators per shift. The telephone operator, who answers incoming calls, protect the guest’s privacy and contribute to the hotel’s security programme by not revealing guest room number to any unauthorized persons. Many hotels also provide guest paging services over the public address system. This system generally operates through the communication section.

Function of Communication Desk:
• Answering incoming calls
• Directing calls to guest rooms through the switchboards/PABX system
• Providing information to guest services processing guest wakeup call s
• Answering inquiries about the hotel facilities and events
• Protecting guests’ privacy
• Coordinating emergency communication.

Uniformed Service: The uniformed services in the hotel include the bell desk team and the concierge. Bell Desk: The bell desk is located very close to the main entrance of the hotel. This section is headed by a bell captain, who leads a team of bell boy (also called bell hopes) and page boys. They handle the guest luggage from the guest vehicle to the lobby and to guest room at the time of arrival and from their rooms to the guest vehicle at the time of arrival and from their rooms to the guest vehicle at the time of departure. They escorts guest to their rooms and familiarize them with hotel facilities, safety features, as well as in room facilities. The bell desk person is the last front desk employee who comes in contact with guest at the time of their departure.
Function of Bell desk
• Handling guest luggage at the time of arrival and departure
• Escorting guest to their rooms on arrival.
• Familiarizing guest about safety features and in-room facilities.
• Providing information to guest about hotel facilities and services when asked.
• Locating a guest in a specified area of the hotel.
• Posting guest mails.
• Making sundry purchases like postage stamps, medicines, etc for the guest.
• Keeping guest luggage in the left luggage room if requested by the guest.
• Checking if in-room amenities are in their original condition at the time of departure of guest.

Concierge: A concierge is a hotel employee who provides information and personalized services to guest like dinner reservation, tour and travel arrangements and obtaining tickets for special events in the city, etc. A concierge is often expected to achieve the impossible; dealing with any request a guest may have, relying on an extensive list of personal contacts with various local merchants and services providers.
Functions of Concierge:
• Making reservation for dining in famous restaurant.
• Obtaining tickets for theatres, musicals, sporting events, etc.
• Arranging for transportation by limousine, car, coaches, buses, airplanes, or trains.
• Providing information on cultural and social events like photo exhibition, art shows, and local places of tourist interest.

Functions of Business centre
• A small reference library is there.
• A room with computer and internet facilities.
• Photo copying facility.
• Typing and printing facility.
• FAX is done.

Functions of Staff in the Lobby:
• He is responsible to post all guest charges and credit into their respective folios.
• Settle all guest bills during guest departure.
• Encash foreign exchange as per regulations.
• Disburse petty cash to hotel staff and authorized paid outs.
• To have control on safety lockers.
• Receive and hold in safe custody all cash payments made by guests till the account is rendered.
• To maintain records and to prepare cashiers report .
• To reconcile all revenue statements.
• To verify and validate front office cashiers vouchers/forms.
• To check guest folios.
• Verify front office cashiers report.
• Prepare high balance report of guest who exceeds their credit limit fixed by hotels.
• To prepare daily transcript.
• To verify room status report.
• To check the cancellation of reservations.
• Account for city ledger credit amounts.
• To attend to all incoming and outgoing calls.
• To monitor guest calls and to prepare guest bills accordingly.
• To give wake up calls to guest.
• To transfer calls regarding room reservation.
• To speak politely and softly.
• To take guest messages and to inform to reception.
• To handle any kind of emergency situation
• This is a guest area where secretarial assistance to guest for conducting conference, seminars, and interviews is being offered.
• All necessary equipment fax, telex, internet facility, photocopying, spiral binding, plastic folders, Are available in business centre