About Us

Home Science is the study which in layman’s thought is only the girls business but in reality it is the scientifically developed study for every individual , family and the family ecosystem. Though the overview of the subject will give the feeling that it deals with decoration, cooking, laundry, stitching and various other household chores but the close and real view makes one realize that this is the only subject which prepares young learners for the two most important goals in their lives – looking after their home and family and preparing for a career or vocational life. The study of  Home Science gives an exposure to to its student to various avenues that would help them to become economically independent from various employment opportunities and live a better  healthy life.

This website is an attempt to help those who wish to be or are already part of this field of education. The website is created and developed in such a manner that it would help students to gather more information about their field of interest under the faculty of Home Science. The creation of this website is the fair attempt to fulfill the needs of the students regarding in information about Home Science as it would contain the information about various aspects of the faculty and related fields.

I am Shweta A. Kathwate ( Nagpur, Maharashtra, India). I was a student and presently research fellow of Home Science-Resource Management from Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur and has spend and has also seen people spending lot of days for searching the study material as well as the information about Home Science. This has motivated me to create a website for the students which would help the students.